Car play

The car play assortment of Tayumo currently has 2 series in scale 1:32 and 1 series in scale 1:36. All models are very detailed and made of diecast with plastic parts. Each series has its own color packaging. This gives a clear overview of the different series when they are presented in your store or at trade shows.


1. Scale 1:32 Pull-back, light and sound

This series is made in 1:32 scale. By pulling the model backwards, resistance is built up which is released when you release the model. This drives the model away from you. When you open the doors, bonnet and tailgate you will hear different sounds and the lights will flash. High quality toys for children from 8 years.





2. Scale 1:32 Steering front wheel and suspension

Also at this series you can open all doors, bonnet and tailgate, but by removing the pull back system, light and sound, we have been able to add more details to the base plate. As an extra, a steerable front axle and suspension have been fitted so that you have a completely different experience and can appeal to different target groups. The model is in 1:32 scale and for children from 8 years.



3. Scale 1:36 Pull back system

High quality model in a 1:36 scale. Equipped with a pull-back system and only the front doors can open. The model is made of diecast with plastic parts. Suitable for children from 4 years.